Georgie In Hot Water

The Today Show has once again found itself in turmoil after a series of shock shake-ups have left viewers angry and the stars on edge. 

Following last year's PR disaster, which saw the show and its network, Channel Nine, come under fire for letting host Georige  walk away over a pay-equality dispute, the popular breakfast show has struggled to find its feet - making numerous changes in the battle for ratings. 

'Channel Nine is determined to prove Today can still bring in strong ratings without Georgie,' says a TV insider. 

'It's not only about their bottom line, but also about their pride.'

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If you have handled a reflex before, great, let yourself be caught by the power of the SLR, but if it is your first SLR camera, as the title says, if it is the first time you have one in your hands for more than a minute, please, before letting yourself be tricked by the power of the ring or pass to the dark side of the force (with your permission I change the saga that comes to me better to explain the following), you should read this article.


The time and the numerous trips that I had the luck to do allowed me to improve my technique and learn the odd trick that I would like to share today in this article. If you like to photograph strangers on the street, today’s article is to print and save

Photographing strangers on the street is a tricky subject. Whenever I write about this topic I give it a couple of laps because I never know if I do well. I say this because photographing strangers on the street is a subject that requires some responsibility. I admit that I enjoy a lot of photographing strangers in the street, and I confess that at first I personally cared a lot about unknown people taking pictures of me, but over time I have been less important.


What does this mean? Why do you have to unlearn what you have learned? It is very simple. When you fall in imitation, when your photos have more essence of others than yours (something that is much more usual than you can imagine), it’s time to stand up, take a step back and take a run, that is, find your own essence, your own style. Like any other art, photography breathes your personality, your experiences, your emotions and feelings, not the photographer or the photographer you admire.

I have a clear favorite on Instagram, many times you have seen your photos as an example in articles that I share on the blog, it is about Emilio Chulia. I like both his style and the type of photographs he makes, that without realizing it, when I shoot with my mobile I just look for that style. It’s funny because when I shoot with the SLR camera it does not happen to me … Well, as much as I am amazed by your gallery and admire its own style, I must find mine, look for my way and photograph with my heart and not with my eyes. And if something similar happens to you (think about it well because this is not something you realize easily) you should consider taking that step back.

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